What Is Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service (WFC) and Why was Nintendo WFC discontinued?

Nintendo has always been very serious about its video games and consoles. This is one such brand that emphasizes on innovation and technology. Over the years, the company has offered us with dozens of gaming devices and services. In this post, we will discuss Nintendo Wi-Fi which is an online multiplayer gaming service. As we all know that Nintendo ROMs are very popular and people like paying those games today in 2020 as well. 

What is the Nintendo Wi-Fi (WFC)?

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection is also known as WFC. It is an online multiplayer gaming service provided by Nintendo. It provided online play in compatible Wii and Nintendo DS ROMs

The service included DSi Shop and Wii Shop Channel game download services. Other than that it also included features for the Nintendo DS and Wii systems. The games designed for Nintendo Wi-Fi provided internet play integrated into the game.

Features of Nintendo Wi-Fi

The Nintendo WFC was designed for easy connection. The best thing about it was that it was easy to use and available for free. It could support up to 32 players on the Wii and 16 players on the Nintendo DS. It also included worldwide leader boards, matchmaking, and tournaments.

Some of the other features include:

Friend codes

The games using Nintendo WFC came with a unique 12 digit Friend Code. You could exchange it with your friends and use it to maintain separate friend lists for every game. 

Pay & Play

Games using the Pay & Play option were offered with extra services or downloadable content. This required extra fees to be paid. These games were separated from the regular games using a red WFC logo with the words “Pay & Play”.

Wii connect24

With the help of the WiiConnect24 option, you could connect the system to the internet even when your console was in standby mode. It allowed channels and games to receive and send data even when the games were not being played.

Popular Games on Nintendo (WFC)

Some of the popular games and ROMs on Nintendo WFC were:

  1. Advance Wars: Days of Ruins
  2. Age of Empires: Mythologies
  3. Foto Showdown
  4. Bomberman Blitz
  5. Dragon Quest Wars 

Why did Nintendo discontinue Nintendo WFC?

Unfortunately, Nintendo has now discontinued the WFC service. This has left many players disheartened. But why did the company take such a decision?

There could be various reasons behind the company shutting down its WFC service. It is believed that the console was getting outdated and also the company was extremely underdeveloped compared to other online services at the time. Maybe the company wanted to override it with the help of Nintendo Network and therefore, they had to discontinue their Nintendo WFC service.

Another possible reason could be that the company wanted to promote Wii U as it was selling less than Wii. Therefore, they shut down the service, so that people would buy Wii U. also the company was not able to support two different Wi-Fi services at the same time as it required a lot of money.

Nintendo WFC was no doubt a great service. But due to various problems, the company was forced to shut down its service. But here I want to say that still there are lots of other Nintendo devices for example Nintendo 64 (N64), Nintendo 3DS, and Super Nintendo for which you can still find many emulators and ROMs to play your favorite retro games.   

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